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Artisan Wood Range Hood

Elegant design \ custom look
Trimmable Chimney (up to 12")
Specie & size options
Liner included
Silver Metallic Powdercoat
Exclusive Metal Insert options
(match appliances or cabinet hardware)
Designed for Broan ventilation

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Specie Size Product Number  
Alder 36" R3036SMB1QUF1Add to Wish List
Cherry 36" R3036SMB1CUF1Add to Wish List
Maple 36" R3036SMB1MUF1Add to Wish List
Oak 36" R3036SMB1OUF1Add to Wish List

Specie Size Product Number  
Alder 42" R3042SMB1QUF1Add to Wish List
Cherry 42" R3042SMB1CUF1Add to Wish List
Maple 42" R3042SMB1MUF1Add to Wish List
Oak 42" R3042SMB1OUF1Add to Wish List

Specie Size Product Number  
Alder 48" R3048SMB1QUF1Add to Wish List
Cherry 48" R3048SMB1CUF1Add to Wish List
Maple 48" R3048SMB1MUF1Add to Wish List
Oak 48" R3048SMB1OUF1Add to Wish List

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