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KitchenMate™ Pantry Pullout

KitchenMate™, our newest line of Kitchen Convenience Pullout products, is designed with the upscale kitchen in mind. Featuring the industry leading Blum Tandem undermount slide with Blumotion, our waste & recycle and pantry pullouts not only offer the ultimate in quiet and smooth operation, but the Blum Tandem slide makes them the most elegant and durable on the market. KitchenMate Pullout Products put the convenience back in your cabinets.

Perfect for storage of kitchen and household items.

Cabinets not included.

Instruction Sheet (pdf)

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For 9" Base Cabinet Maple P0441MNL1Add to Wish List
For 12" Base Cabinet Maple P0442MNL1Add to Wish List
For 15" Base Cabinet Maple P0443MNL1Add to Wish List