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Assembled with Dentil

Square, true and ready-to-finish, we combine our top quality crown with our top quality dentil moulding to achieve a complete custom look. Crown Moulding with 3/4" Dentil assembled.  4/Pkg.

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Specie Size Product Number  
Alder 3" x 96" MA04682QUF8Add to Wish List
Cherry 3" x 96" MA04682CUF8Add to Wish List
Hickory 3" x 96" MA04682HUF8Add to Wish List
Maple 3" x 96" MA04682MUF8Add to Wish List
Oak 3" x 96" MA04682OUF8Add to Wish List

Specie Size Product Number  
Alder 4.09" x 96" MA04982QUF8Add to Wish List
Cherry 4.09" x 96" MA04982CUF8Add to Wish List
Hickory 4.09" x 96" MA04982HUF8Add to Wish List
Maple 4.09" x 96" MA04982MUF8Add to Wish List
Oak 4.09" x 96" MA04982OUF8Add to Wish List