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Wine Bottle Rack

Solid wood wine bottle rack. A great alternative to our wine bottle lattice panels, the 48" bottle rack holds eleven wine bottles and is easily trimmed for and installed in any size cabinet or shelf. (Also available in several pre-cut sizes.) Stack multiple units for a custom display. Sanded and ready to finish. Boxed per pair. (Bottle storage capacity listed with Size.)

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Specie Size Product Number  
Cherry 18" (stores: 4) S9230CUF1Add to Wish List
Hickory 18" (stores: 4) S9230HUF1Add to Wish List
Maple 18" (stores: 4) S9230MUF1Add to Wish List
Oak 18" (stores: 4) S9230OUF1Add to Wish List

Specie Size Product Number  
Cherry 24" (stores: 5) S9220CUF1Add to Wish List
Hickory 24" (stores: 5) S9220HUF1Add to Wish List
Maple 24" (stores: 5) S9220MUF1Add to Wish List
Oak 24" (stores: 5) S9220OUF1Add to Wish List

Specie Size Product Number  
Cherry 30" (stores: 7) S9210CUF1Add to Wish List
Hickory 30" (stores: 7) S9210HUF1Add to Wish List
Maple 30" (stores: 7) S9210MUF1Add to Wish List
Oak 30" (stores: 7) S9210OUF1Add to Wish List

Specie Size Product Number  
Cherry 48" (stores: 11) S9200CUF1 BTRK-48-CHAdd to Wish List
Hickory 48" (stores: 11) S9200HUF1 BTRK-48-HIAdd to Wish List
Maple 48" (stores: 11) S9200MUF1 BTRK-48-MAAdd to Wish List
Oak 48" (stores: 11) S9200OUF1 BTRK-48-ROAdd to Wish List

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