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Inlay - Several widths [#2000 series]

Our solid wood inlays are constructed using different species to achieve the contrasts and color desired. These species include Tulipwood, Ironwood, Olivewood, and Ebonywood exotics combined with different domestic species such as Oak, Maple, Hickory, and Cherry to offer unparalleled design options. Designed for cabinet doors, furniture, floors or any project where the extraordinary is desired. Woven backer.

  • Standard thickness 1.016mm/.04"
  • Standard length 1 meter/39.97"
  • Pre-Glued Heat Activated
Widths of 10mm/.394", and wider, are available in rolls of 100m/328'. 6mm widths are packaged 15 pieces/Ctn.

Suggested Installation
Route out an area the width of the inlay, approximately .040" deep (measure the thickness of the inlay you are to install before routing the groove). The inlays should be flush with the surface or slightly higher. Sand the surface of the inlay until it is level with the substrate on each side. The product is now ready for final sanding or assembly and finishing.

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Style Product Number  
#2001, 22mm(.866") width I02001UF5Add to Wish List
#2002, 38mm(1.496") width I02002UF5Add to Wish List
#2003, 50mm(1.968") width I02003UF5Add to Wish List

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