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Wood Range Hood Covers

Our Omega Wood Hoods feature the design that started it all. Manufactured from solid wood and wood veneers, our wood hoods offer the timeless design your customers want. Including assembled galley rail and silver metallic liner, this hood is an inexpensive way to offer a custom look. Available in several species. Designed for Broan ventilation.

  • Silver Metallic powder-coated 24 gauge Metal Liner
  • Assembled Galley Rail (unattached)
Decorative Panel sold separately.

Instruction Sheet (pdf)

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Specie Size Product Number  
Cherry 30" R1130SMB1CUF1Add to Wish List
Hickory 30" R1130SMB1HUF1Add to Wish List
Maple 30" R1130SMB1MUF1Add to Wish List
Oak 30" R1130SMB1OUF1Add to Wish List

Specie Size Product Number  
Cherry 36" R1136SMB1CUF1Add to Wish List
Hickory 36" R1136SMB1HUF1Add to Wish List
Maple 36" R1136SMB1MUF1Add to Wish List
Oak 36" R1136SMB1OUF1Add to Wish List

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