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3" [8']

Our high quality solid wood Crown Moulding is available in two profiles, two lengths, and several wood species. Also available with or without rope or dentil. No splices, no blemishes, 100% yield from each piece.

  • .769" x 3" x 96"

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Specie Pkg. Product Number  
Alder 4 M0468QUF8Add to Wish List
Cherry 4 M0468CUF8Add to Wish List
Hickory 4 M0468HUF8Add to Wish List
Maple 4 M0468MUF8Add to Wish List
Oak 4 M0468OUF8Add to Wish List

Specie Pkg. Product Number  
Alder 10 M0468QUF2Add to Wish List
Cherry 10 M0468CUF2Add to Wish List
Hickory 10 M0468HUF2Add to Wish List
Maple 10 M0468MUF2Add to Wish List
Oak 10 M0468OUF2Add to Wish List

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