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Angled China Display Rack

A new twist on an old favorite. Our new angled plate display is ideal for tasteful display of your plates and offers increased accessibility. Installed dimensions are 10-9/16" deep by 8-1/2" wide.

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Specie Size Product Number  
Cherry 22" wide P2201CUF2Add to Wish List
Hickory 22" wide P2201HUF2Add to Wish List
Maple 22" wide P2201MUF2Add to Wish List
Oak 22" wide P2201OUF2Add to Wish List

Specie Size Product Number  
Cherry 30" wide P2202CUF2Add to Wish List
Hickory 30" wide P2202HUF2Add to Wish List
Maple 30" wide P2202MUF2Add to Wish List
Oak 30" wide P2202OUF2Add to Wish List

Specie Size Product Number  
Cherry 36" wide P2203CUF2Add to Wish List
Hickory 36" wide P2203HUF2Add to Wish List
Maple 36" wide P2203MUF2Add to Wish List
Oak 36" wide P2203OUF2Add to Wish List

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