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Select Series - 1" Lip

Our Select Series Lazy Susan is the ultimate corner storage solution. Shelf constructed from 12mm thick muti-directional maple plywood shell, wrapped with a high-impact 10 ply contoured edge maple rim (1"). The Select Susan is the industry standard for wood lazy susan shelves. Available in many size and style options. UPS Shippable. Durable UV coating. Kit packaging is 1 Set/Pkg. Bulk packaging 23/Skid.

  • Super Susans
Super Susan Kits come with two shelves. All Super Susans (Kits or VolumeBulk shelves) are pre-assembled with swivel bearing and mounting plate (3-shelf kits also available).
  • Pole Mount
Select Series Wood Lazy Susans are also available with our patent-pending pole hardware. Heavy-duty components and tight tolerances ensure durability, longevity and ultra-smooth operation. (Also available as a 10" Spice Susan.)

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